How To Analyze A Data Set

This post does not elaborate on the process of gathering a defensible data set. You’ll find that information here. A tactical analyst can offer valuable day-to-day investigative support, but once a threat has been addressed, it is equally helpful for a strategic analyst to examine the incident through a broader lens, such as a comparisonContinue reading “How To Analyze A Data Set”

ChatGPT: AI Language Models Can’t Replace Intelligence Analysts. Yet.

Recently, chatbot programs have been in the news with concerns about their potential to eliminate jobs. One artificial intelligence (AI) language model, ChatGPT, has been gaining headlines with its ability to answer questions with remarkable insight and clarity. The bot does not “think.” Source material comes from the broader Internet, where it collects bits ofContinue reading “ChatGPT: AI Language Models Can’t Replace Intelligence Analysts. Yet.”

Strengthening Your Ability To Identify Mis- and DisInformation

Reports recently surfaced of FBI personnel involving themselves with a prominent social media company to control the spread of “misinformation” and the squelching of “disinformation.”  Catching and suppressing or eliminating speech spread on social media deemed false or inaccurate is an insurmountable goal, and one fraught with problems, for example, limited resources. But the largerContinue reading “Strengthening Your Ability To Identify Mis- and DisInformation”

Credible, Unbiased Sources Are The Underpinning Of A Defensible Analysis 

An FBI intelligence product intended for internal use only was recently leaked to the public. The piece received criticism from some outlets for its content, but also for its sourcing.  The problem with its sourcing came down to two issues: the product used popular magazines as a primary means of support for its premises; andContinue reading “Credible, Unbiased Sources Are The Underpinning Of A Defensible Analysis “

Intelligence Gaps: The Known Unknowns

Intelligence gaps are the spaces in our understanding of a matter. They represent information that is not available for one reason or another, but if it were available, we could offer decision makers a more comprehensive and accurate analysis. In some cases, gaps can be filled by tasking investigators to reach out to their sources.Continue reading “Intelligence Gaps: The Known Unknowns”