Strengthening Your Ability To Identify Mis- and DisInformation

Reports recently surfaced of FBI personnel involving themselves with a prominent social media company to control the spread of “misinformation” and the squelching of “disinformation.”  Catching and suppressing or eliminating speech spread on social media deemed false or inaccurate is an insurmountable goal, and one fraught with problems, for example, limited resources. But the largerContinue reading “Strengthening Your Ability To Identify Mis- and DisInformation”

Gaining Audience Trust When Presenting Controversial Findings

The findings of intelligence assessments are occasionally controversial. This includes products released only for internal consumption, as well as those rare assessments that are disseminated to the broader public. Ideally, the paper is written apolitically, using dispassionate language, and with enough unequivocal support that even a contentious message is given due consideration. Yet, even reportsContinue reading “Gaining Audience Trust When Presenting Controversial Findings”

Intelligence Production: Political Involvement Coincides With Drop In Public Trust

Political neutrality is critical to ensuring the IC holds the public trust. Domestically, it gives citizens the assurance the FBI will not target them for their political beliefs, which has not always been the case. Polling indicates that during times the FBI has become more closely aligned with a political side by its public statements,Continue reading “Intelligence Production: Political Involvement Coincides With Drop In Public Trust”

When Intelligence Products “Go Public”

Caveat: This post mentions two controversial intelligence assessments that were leaked to the public. The purpose is not to offer an opinion on the quality of the assessments or on their dissemination. Instead, it is to suggest ways to strengthen intelligence products in the event they are held up to public scrutiny. For intelligence professionals,Continue reading “When Intelligence Products “Go Public””

The Intelligence Community And Political Social Media: A Bad Mix

The participation in political social media by current and former members of the IC is a new phenomena. Traditionally, leaders steered clear of expressing opinions about domestic politics and for good reason: to ensure the public had faith in their institutions. A foundational principle of the IC is political neutrality. For analysts, this requirement isContinue reading “The Intelligence Community And Political Social Media: A Bad Mix”