The Route 91 Harvest Shooter: Adding Perspective With A Timeline

When supporting a complex investigation through intelligence analysis one way to organize your data is through a timeline. When incidents leading up to an event are sorted chronologically they can sometimes put precipitating incidents into perspective, which may reveal clues that are less apparent than when you’re reading case files alone.

Timelines are also helpful because they give structure to your work. Begin with the dates you have. As you perform your research, or as investigators conduct interviews, add information. You can use spreadsheet software, which is helpful for sorting data, but a blank word file is fine, too. The main thing is to use a system that makes it easy to add/delete/or modify facts as the investigation proceeds.

Timelines are not the place to overthink or to self-edit. Add as many details as you can, trivial as they seem. You never know what might be important later when you’re piecing together the larger picture. For singular data, make sure to hyperlink or note file and serial numbers so you can get back to the information.

Here is an example of a timeline* that has been compiled from publicly-sourced events in the life of Route 91 Harvest shooter Stephen Craig Paddock. A motive for the attack was never uncovered. The timeline is separated into three sections:

  1. The first section begins with Stephen Paddock’s father, Benjamin Hoskins Paddock, Jr., who was incarcerated in 1960, and who abandoned the family after his escape from prison in 1968. Section one also presents facts about Stephen Paddock’s early life, school, marriages, and jobs.
  2. The second describes evidence of Stephen Paddock’s interest in video poker in the early 2000s. Video poker appeared to be a central fixture of his life thereafter.
  3. The third section delineates events that occurred approximately the year before the shooting. During this time period, steps that Stephen Paddock took appeared to indicate he was actively carrying through with a plan.

See if you can discern any clues as to the motive as you read through the events of his life.

*While every effort was made to list the dates and case details as accurately as possible some of the information is likely inexact. This timeline is for illustrative purposes. If you’re working on a timeline in a professional capacity, you’ll work from government records and official interviews, and you will seek the highest degree of accuracy.

[All of the elements listed in the timeline are publicly available. However, some details that are not pertinent to the case, and which involve the lives of living private citizens, are obscured in order to maintain their privacy.]

Stephen C. Paddock Timeline Part I: Family, Early Life, School, Marriages, Jobs

circa 1920-1926 (years vary) – Stephen Paddock’s father, Benjamin Hoskins Paddock, Jr., born in Sheboygan, Illinois

1928 – Stephen Paddock’s mother, D.I. Hudson, born in Nauvoo, Illinois

1940 – Benjamin Paddock moved to Chicago, Illinois

circa 1941-1945? (no service dates found)- Benjamin Paddock served in US Navy as a seaman 2nd class (or was possibly a merchant marine seaman); (he is buried at Fort Gibson National Cemetery; a girlfriend with whom Benjamin Paddock lived in 1988 said he received VA benefits)

1946 – Benjamin sent to Illinois State Penitentiary after conviction for 10 counts of auto larceny and five counts for “confidence game” (stole 12 cars in 18 months, sold for average price of $1,200 each, took advantage of his father’s service (Benjamin Hoskins Paddock, Sr. (b. 1881/d. 1958) in the Quartermaster Corps by forging document on QC letterhead)

1951 – Benjamin Paddock released from Illinois State Penitentiary after serving five years

1952 – Benjamin Paddock marries D.I. Hudson in Reno, Nevada

1953 – First son Stephen Paddock (subject) born in Clinton, Iowa

1953 – Benjamin Paddock serves second term in Illinois State Penitentiary (conspiracy in connection with bad check passing operation) (speculation Benjamin Paddock was involved with Chicago crime syndicates, but unproven)

1956 – Benjamin Paddock released from Illinois State Penitentiary

circa 1956 – Paddock family moves from Chicago, Illinois, to Tucson, Arizona; Benjamin Paddock assumes the name Patrick B. Paddock (TN was Benjamin Hoskins Paddock, Jr.[he ultimately used multiple aliases]); following facts revealed through series of newspaper articles–unclear where they fit on the timeline, however, they variously describe Benjamin’s personality along with the jobs he held during his time in Tucson, Arizona: “smooth talker and con man“; “arrogant and egotistical“; “liked cigars, cigarettes, and steaks, viewing sports events, especially baseball, and was considered ‘a very competent baseball umpire’“; “an avid bridge player and gambler“; “sold garbage disposal units under the business name Arizona Disposer Co“; used car salesman; operated a filling station in town; obtained federal amateur radio license and fitted out his own car with transmitter that allowed people in Tucson, Arizona, to talk to their relatives abroad; VP of hot rodder club; “Big Daddy” of a “younger set night club” in Tucson

1957 – Stephen Paddock’s brother, P. Paddock born in Tucson, Arizona

1959 – Stephen Paddock’s brother B. Paddock born in Tucson, Arizona (B. Paddock died in 2020)

1959 – Benjamin Paddock spent five weeks handling cases of “wayward youngsters” as special deputy to Pima County Sheriff Walden Burr” and possibly with the Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Squad; told sheriff he had “made some mistakes in his youth” and wanted to ensure other kids stayed on the “straight and narrow”; sheriff said they found his criminal history when they ran an FBI check in relation to the unpaid job with the office and learned Benjamin Paddock had served two terms in Joliet prison in Illinois at which point they “picked up his badge and card

1960 – Stephen Paddock’s brother, E. Paddock born in Tucson, Arizona (appeared to be the only brother who maintained a relationship with Stephen throughout their lives)

1960 – Benjamin Paddock robs a branch of the Valley National Bank in Phoenix, Arizona, using a stolen car; robbery yielded $4620; was identified in part due to two large radio transmission aerials on his real car, which he transferred into after abandoning the stolen vehicle; fled to Las Vegas where he was spotted by FBI agents; tried to flee but stopped car when FBI agent shot round into windshield; search of Benjamin Paddock’s vehicle yielded $3,000 and .38 cal revolver; FBI said the robbery was similar to three other robberies of Phoenix banks that yielded $10,000 (other sources say $25,000)

28 July 1960 – The Paddock’s neighbor, E. Price, took Stephen Paddock swimming to distract him from the FBI search of his family home in connection with his father’s arrest; Mrs. Price said she didn’t know the family well, but “Steve is a nice boy.” “We’re trying to keep Steve from knowing his father is held as a bank robber“; the search of the Paddock’s Tucson home did not result in finding stolen money

December 1960 – Benjamin Paddock was found guilty and received 20-year sentence; while in FCI La Tuna, Texas, Benjamin Paddock was “diagnosed as being psychopathic” and having “suicidal tendencies“; unclear who made diagnoses and whether these diagnoses were confirmed

1960 – D. I. Paddock, nee Hoskins, moved the family to Southern California

1968 – Benjamin Paddock escaped from prison; set up new life in Springfield, Oregon, under the name Bruce Werner Ericksen; worked as contract trucker and drug abuse rehabilitation (counselor?); [following from this source:] Benjamin Paddock sued a party after a car collision in 1976; he reached out to same attorney (H.E. Smith) who handled the accident when Benjamin Paddock needed money to finance used car business in Junction City; Benjamin Paddock borrowed $6000 from a third party and paid that individual back with proceeds from his injury claim

June 1969 – Paddock, Sr. was added to the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted

1971 – Stephen Paddock graduated John H. Francis Polytechnic High School in Los Angeles, California

1970s – Stephen Paddock lived in or owned property in Panorama City, Cerritos, and North Hollywood, California; co-owned “two run down apartment buildings in a working class neighborhood of Hawthorne (California)”

1975 – Stephen Paddock began working for United States Postal Service (USPS) as a letter carrier

1977- Stephen Paddock graduated California State University, Northridge (degree: Business Administration)

1977 – Benjamin Paddock was removed from the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted for lack of leads; Benjamin Paddock applied for license to open bingo parlor; investigation in relation to obtaining the license did not identify his criminal history

17 July 1977 – Stephen Paddock married Sharon B. (b. circa 1952)

1977-Benjamin Paddock retained H.E. Smith to research bingo operation; H.E. Smith prepared document between Benjamin Paddock and Center for Educational Reform (an Oregon non-profit supposedly willing to lend its name to the operation in return for a cut); “Bingo Center” was located in Springfield, Oregon; Benjamin Paddock ultimately borrowed $12,000 from R.F. van Deinse, II, a client of Smith, to finance the bingo operation; (at some point, the district attorney got wind of the operation and began investigating Benjamin Paddock for bingo law violation and later, an auto odometer turn-back operation) (see entry 6 September 1978 to continue)

1977 – E. Paddock visited his father (unclear when the family learned Benjamin Paddock was still alive); E. Paddock referred to his father’s profession–gambling–as “cool back then“; his dad claimed he wrote letter to J. Edgar Hoover calling him a “pansy”; E. Paddock said he never saw his father after this visit

September 1978 – Benjamin Paddock was arrested and ordered to San Francisco to stand trial for 6/4/1969 bank robbery (approximately six months after he escaped prison in Texas in 1968)

1978 – Stephen Paddock quit job at USPS

1978 – Stephen Paddock hired as Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agent

circa 1978 – Stephen Paddock’s brother-in-law said Stephen was an accountant who liked entertaining people on his boat on Lake Castaic or Buena Vista Lake in Kern County, California; described Stephen as “smart” and “fun loving”

6 September 1978 – FBI arrested Benjamin Paddock, who was using the AKA Bruce W. Ericksen, at Benjamin Paddock’s bingo operation in Springfield, Oregon, in relation to the escape/bank robbery conviction ; (this document goes into detailed legal case regarding six cars owned by Benjamin Paddock at the time of his arrest); (from news article: appears Benjamin Paddock was paroled rather then sent to serve out his sentence, with additional charges dropped; Junction City mayor wrote letter in his favor saying how he’d helped quite a few people financially and did a lot for kids)

14-18 September 1978 – Benjamin Paddock was transferred to county jail in El Paso, Texas

1979 – Stephen Paddock divorced Sharon B.; reportedly remained on good terms

1979 – Benjamin Paddock was paroled and returned to Springfield, Oregon; found new religious sponsor for his bingo operation (continued, see 1987)

28 October 1980 – Benjamin Paddock claimed at the Trial Board held on account of his attorney, H.E. Smith, for Smith’s conduct, that he, Benjamin Paddock, had been convicted of armed robbery, auto theft, forgery, confidence crimes, and “three killings that don’t appear on that for seven and a half years.” The Trial Board unanimously agreed Benjamin Paddock’s credibility was “highly suspect.

1982 – Stephen Paddock began buying guns

1984 – Stephen Paddock quit job as IRS agent

9 March 1985 – Stephen Paddock married Peggy O. (b. circa 1953) (reportedly a HS classmate)

1985 – Stephen Paddock hired as federal auditor for company that became Lockheed Martin

1986 – Stephen Paddock bought building in North Hollywood for $407,500 (purchased at least five other properties in the Los Angeles area, along with a stake in a tract in Henderson, Nevada, that was never developed

1987 – Oregon State Attorney General’s Office filed seven charges of racketeering against Benjamin for his pseudo-“religious” bingo operation, and rolling back odometers; agreed to settle racketeering charges for $623,000 and pled no contest to criminal charges; claimed to be suffering from cancer; judge let him off with $100,000 fine and no jail time; judge opined cancer could be fake, but it was an “economic crime” and Benjamin was “old man”

1988 – Stephen Paddock quit job as federal auditor

1988 – Benjamin Paddock “fled,” reportedly to Canada, and suffering from cancer, but later found he’d moved to Texas and “‘cancer’ had disappeared”; he lived with Laurel P, who claimed Benjamin lived on VA pension and helped her run a machine shop; she described him as an “absolute soft touch” who gave away money he didn’t have and who lived his entire life trying to atone for his past; he died 10 years later; said people either loved Benjamin or hated him; Benjamin described himself as a “dinosaur,” but writer speculated he was ahead of his time with his gambling venture, which the state now thrives from; throughout his life, Benjamin Paddock had alternatively claimed to be a Dixieland band singer, pilot, auto racing crew chief, Chicago Bears pro football player, survivor of WWII mine sweeper sinking, and pro-wrestler called “Crybaby” who traveled with pro-wrestler Gorgeous George (b. 1915/d. 1963)

1990 – Stephen Paddock divorced Peggy O. (irreconcilable differences); reportedly remained on good terms

1992 – Stephen Paddock bought apartment building in Los Angeles area with former wife and brother Eric; gutted and renovated 20-unit apartment complex in Los Angeles area largely by themselves because they were “thrifty”; sold it for $9.45mm in 2012, a $1mm profit

1998 – Benjamin Hoskins Paddock dies at the age of 71; in an article written about him at the time of his death, he was referred to one of “Eugene-Springfield’s more colorful rogues.

Stephen C. Paddock Timeline Part II: Interest In Video Poker

Early 2000s – Stephen Paddock became a member; purchased Bob Dancer’s Video Poker for Winners tutorial software and several Dancer/Daily Video Poker Strategy Cards. He also bought The Video Poker Answer Book by John Growchowski and The Slot Expert’s Guide to Playing Slots by John Robison. Anthony Curtis, the owner and publisher of called Paddock “without question, a studied player.” Curtis said of video poker it attracts compulsive gamblers; unlike other casino games, it is possible to beat it; and it is popular among “very intelligent people.”

November 2003 – Stephen Paddock acquired private pilot’s license

2004 – Sold apartment building purchased in 1992 for $3.2 million; sold or transferred at least three rental units in Hawthorne, California

2004 – Lived in Mesquite, Texas; bought income generating apt complex (Central Park Apartments on Via Ventura in Mesquite, 111 units, for $8.4mm, built in 2003) and two other homes (Clear Lake Lane and Keswick Lane); checked applicants’ credit history and evicted those who didn’t pay; broker described him as a “kind of a scruffy dude” who did not appear to have two nickels to rub together“; another broker involved in the sale called Stephen “odd” and “not engaging”; initially lived on site and operated it as the manager to “keep expenses down” and kept his own books on an Excel spreadsheet rather than to pay an accountant; income on units generated $500k in 2011

2006 – Per 29 October 2013 deposition in relation to slip and fall incident at The Cosmopolitan, Stephen Paddock said 2006 was the “height of his play” (video poker), claimed to average “14 hours per day, 365 days per year”); claimed to be “biggest poker player in the world” at one point; gambled at night, slept during day (“I do not do sun”); claimed to rarely drink alcohol to ensure he kept his wits about him during play (“or as much wits as I have”); claimed he spent $100 to $1350 per play and claimed to play up to $1mm per night. [This site appears to contradict those amounts, claiming he may be spending a maximum of $225 per hand]

2007-2010 – Owned hangar at Mesquite Metro Airport; stored plane there

2008 – Sold Keswick and Clear Lake properties

2009 and 2010 – Granted three-day, non-resident fishing licenses in Alaska

16 July 2009 – Received parking ticket at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport; paid fine without dispute

2010 – Applied for passport, took 20 cruises throughout Europe and the Middle East (dates unknown)

2011 – Apartment complex income generating $500k annually

2012 – Sold Texas apartment complex

2012 – Sued The Cosmopolitan (hotel) in Las Vegas for $10,000 in slip and fall on wet floor; settled in arbitration; wearing flip flops, slipped on wet floor en route to high-limit room, pulled hamstring, claimed it caused “lingering injury” (see 29 October 2013); in deposition, claimed he hadn’t been drinking (“I was my normal happy-go-lucky self. Completely sober.”)

2012 – Left Mesquite, Texas

2012 – Prescribed Valium for “anxiousness”

2013 – Bought home on Sansome Circle, Viera, Florida, in Heritage Isle, a 55+ retirement community (house sold in 2015 for $235k); after two meetings, Stephen gave neighbor D. Judy his house key and asked Judy to keep on eye on his property because he was frequently in Las Vegas; told Judy he was welcome to use anything he found in the house; the house had very little furniture; Paddock once showed Judy’s wife his laptop computer to prove to her Paddock had won $20,000 in an online game (another source said Paddock won the money playing a game on his cell phone); Paddock was dating M. Danley at this time, but Judy only saw her about five times in the two years Paddock lived next door to Judy; buyer of Sansome property never met Paddock, but said the real estate transaction documents were “regularly late”; Judy’s wife said Paddock described himself as a “world traveler” and “‘professional gambler by trade‘”

2013 – Estimated he had 10-15 Valium pills left from a bottle of 60 that had been prescribed a year and a half earlier (circa 2012)

29 October 2013 – In deposition, taken 29 October 2013, in relation to The Cosmopolitan civil lawsuit, Paddock claimed he had a concealed weapons permit in Texas; also claimed he had no mental health issues, no history of addiction, no criminal record; described himself as a “rolling stone” (traveling between Texas, California, Nevada, Florida); estimated he traveled three weeks out of four; (unclear whether it was commentary by CNN or the lawyers at the deposition, but Paddock reportedly came across as “arrogant and sarcastic”)

2014 – Purchased property on Del Webb Parkway in Reno; Paddock and M. Danley moved in; property was in his name only; neighbors say he stayed at the house “at best, six months out of the year”

January 2015 – Purchased property on Babbling Brook Court in newly-built Mesquite, Nevada [Sun City Mesquite Retirement Community by Del Webb], for $369,022 in his name only; he and M. Danley often traveled between Mesquite and Las Vegas; (E. Paddock said Stephen moved from FL because he didn’t like the humidity and because he enjoyed video poker); reportedly had dispute with neighbors when he erected a fence that hid his home, neighbors took it to Board, Paddock was told to remove it, but the dispute was unconfirmed; described by neighbors as “reclusive” and “a real loner“If you saw him a few times, he’d finally say ‘hi'”

2014 – Lawsuit against The Cosmopolitan dismissed by agreement

2015 – Convinced M. Danley to quit her job so they could travel “more”; when she did, he gave her a “set amount” of money every month; took “many” cruises together to Mediterranean, Bahamas, Dubai, the Orient; M. Danley began to notice decline in his health; no more sex although physically he was able, but exhausted after physical exertion and slept for hours, constantly tired, complained of headaches from chemical smells, asked M. Danley to stop wearing lipstick and perfume because he was allergic

2015 – Sold income generating apt complex

Circa 2016 – Bought the Tax Guide for Gamblers by Jean Scott and Marissa Chien and The Law for Gamblers by Bob Nersesian from

2016 – Filled prescription for Valium (50 10-miligram tablets, dosage 2 tablets per day); filled prescription day script was issued; paid without insurance

Stephen C. Paddock Timeline Part III: Actively Working On Plan

2016 – M. Danley and Paddock returned to Mesquite, Paddock brought back a large gun safe

October 2016 – Began stockpiling weapons (10/2016-9/2017) bought 33 firearms, approximately 55 total with sales beginning in 1982

18 May 2017 – Did computer map searches for Venice Beach; Fenway Park; Royal Rooters’ Club, Boston, Massachusetts; Blandford Street, station, United States; Boston University Questrom School of Business; Boston Hotel Buckminster, Beacon Street, Boston, MA; Boston Arts Academy; Official Red Sox Team Store; Official Red Sox Team Store, 19 Yawkey Way, Boston, MA; Venice Ale House; Fairmont Miramar Hotel, Santa Monica, CA; The Bungalow, 101 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA; did Google searches of “summer concerts 2017,” “grant park functions,” “biggest bear [sic]” “La Jolla Beach,” “open air concert venues,” “biggest open air concert venues in USA,” and “how crowded does Santa Monica Beach get”; accessed at 0419 hours; at 0427 hours; at 0431 hours; at 0505 hours; at 0505 hours; at 0540 hours

21 June 2017 – Filled prescription for Valium (50 10-miligram tablets, dosage 1 tablet per day) the same day script was issued, paid without using insurance

August 2017 – Paddock and M. Danley drove to Reno residence; upon return to Mesquite, brought large quantity of ammo; M. Danley asked why–he said one gun used a lot of ammo, + cheaper to buy in bulk; M. Danley thought it was a new hobby; began going to gun shows, gun shops, received a lot of packages he opened in the garage, visited “unofficial” gun range where he practiced long distance shooting

“In recent weeks” prior to October 2017 incident, 16 currency transaction reports filed for Paddock ($10,000 in/out in a given day) (Gambled approximately $160k prior to incident)

Beginning of September 2017 – On visit to Mandalay Bay, M. Danley noticed he was constantly looking out windows, going from one to the other; they were staying on 60th floor

2 September 2017 – Conducted computer searches for “NV gun shows”

4 September 2017 – Conducted computer queries for “Las Vegas rentals,” “Las Vegas condo rentals,” “Las Vegas high rise condos rent,” and “Las Vegas Ogden for rent”; accessed at 2212 hours; at 2213 hours; at 2214 hours

5 September 2017 – Conducted computer queries for “life is beautiful expected attendance,” “life is beautiful single day tickets,” and “life is beautiful Vegas lineup”; “Mandalay Bay Las Vegas,” “Route 91 harvest festival 2017 attendance,” and “Route 91 harvest festival 2017”

9 September 2017 – Made reservation for a Vista Suite (rooms designated “235,” but no floor specified)

15 September 2017 – Sent M. Danley to Philippines, scheduled to return 4 October 2017; wired $150k into her account in three separate transfers; communicated via international text while apart; conducted computer searches for “swat weapons,” “ballistics chart 308,” “SWAT Las Vegas,” “ballistic,” and “do police use explosives”

17 September 2017 – Checked into The Ogden (booking went through 28 September 2017); Life is Beautiful music festival, an outdoor event, was scheduled for 9/22-24/2017; Paddock stayed in three separate rooms at The Ogden; left for long periods, traveling to Mesquite, Nevada; flying to Reno, Nevada; traveling to Arizona; moved in and out of rooms at The Ogden with several suitcases; gambled

20 September 2017 – Conducted computer search for “Life is Beautiful 2017”

23 September 2017 – Conducted computer searches for “Excaliber Hotel & Casino,” “Las Vegas Academy of the Arts Performing Arts Center,” Fremont Hotel & Casino,” El Cortez Hotel & Casino,” “Family Courts & Services Center,” “Gary Reese Freedom Park,” “Cashman Center,” “Cashman Field,” “Neon Museum,” “Mob Museum,” “Discovery Children’s Museum,” “Arizona Charlie’s Decatur”

25 September 2017 – Checked into room 32-135 at the Mandalay Bay (over the next several days, moved several suitcases in from his car; [Note: Drove a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica minivan to Las Vegas in the lead up to the shooting; (couldn’t find info about his history of car buying/driving; this was a 2017 model, a timeframe that fit into the period where he had upped his gun purchases; car was 8-passenger minivan described as a “family room on wheels”; has room to fit 4′ x 8′ sheets of construction material]; traveled back and fourth to Mesquite, Nevada); seen at Mizuya Sushi, inside the Mandalay Bay; later left the hotel and returned to Mesquite, Nevada

26 September 2017 – Conducted computer search for “Discovery Children’s Museum”; $50k wire transfer to Philippines; drove from Mesquite, Nevada, to The Ogden; gambled at El Cortez Hotel; left The Ogden for Mandalay Bay; gambled at Mandalay Bay until the following morning

27 September 2017 – Asked if M. Danley wanted to extend her stay overseas, she said she wanted to return to the US; drove to The Ogden, went to room; left The Ogden, drove back to Mesquite. At 11pm, stopped at Walmart, purchased luggage, razor blades, fake flowers, a vase, and a styrofoam ball; stayed overnight in Mesquite

28 September 2018 – From Mesquite, made $14k deposit in Mesquite Wells Fargo, made $50k wire transfer to Philippines; bought another rifle; visited Mesquite gun range; drove back to Mandalay Bay and gambled until next morning; conducted computer search “Where is hard drive located on e5570”

29 September 2017 – Dined at Mizuya Sushi; Route 91 Harvest Festival starts (three-day event); checked into room 32-134, which connected to 135; room service

30 September 2017 – At 0100, returned to Mesquite until nearly 0600 when he returned to Mandalay with more suitcases; declined room cleaning service; approximately 1900, returned to Mesquite; conducted computer search for “NV gun shows,” “NHRA schedule 2017”

1 October 2017 – Returned to Mandalay Bay approximately 0300; gambled; closed out room service bill; Began firing at 2205; shot at concert goers, but also incendiary rounds at nearby fuel tanks; stopped shooting at 2215, found dead of gunshot wound to head 65 minutes after he’d stopped firing; among items found in search of room post-incident were “several hundred images” of child porn found on his computer


Video poker: There was some disagreement at the level at which Paddock gambled. Some called him an “advantage player,” defined as an individual who has a slight edge over the casino in returns. Others said he broke even but played for and enjoyed the perks offered by the casinos to high-end players. Overall, he appeared to play large amounts of money, but at the same time, paid his debts, and continued to be welcomed by his favored casinos. Paddock was reportedly “a frequent player ‘with the highest status‘ at Caesar’s Entertainment properties in Las Vegas, and had an “intact ‘low 7’ rating,” described as a verified $1mm-$3mm in the bank and six-figure credit line.

Medication and health: Paddock had been taking prescription Valium since at least 2012, with the most recent script filled in June 2017. His doctor thought he might have bi-polar disorder. Paddock refused to take anti-depressants, but agreed to take Valium for anxiety. (Note: It is possible his preference for nighttime gambling and lack of exposure to daylight exacerbated a tendency toward anxiety and depression, however exploring neurobiological conditions is beyond the scope of this post as well as the expertise of The Intelligence Shop.) Paddock’s autopsy did not reveal health problems. His brain did not reveal abnormalities. (It was unclear if his brain was damaged when he committed suicide after the attack. Reportedly, he shot the gun into his mouth.)

Brother E.’s interview: In an interview posted on YouTube, E. Paddock emphasized how much he and the family enjoyed the prestige and perks associated with Stephen’s gambling habits, and how Stephen got what he could in comped stays and goods; Stephen made his mom “wealthy” and “very comfortable” in retirement due to his financial help; as youngsters, they survived on their mother’s salary as a “secretary in the 70s”; claimed Stephen acted alone because Stephen did not accept help from others, he was a “standalone” guy; claimed Stephen was “pragmatic”–that there were no instances where he imagined Stephen would commit the crime–they were in real estate in Los Angeles “when the bottom fell out, but they went on”; he could lose $4mm, Marylou could leave him, he would carry on–hoped autopsy would find irregularity because nothing else could explain what triggered this behavior; after Benjamin Paddock went to prison, Stephen Paddock’s mother told her sons their father had died and raised them as a single parent (Note: Only 9 percent of families in 1960 lived in single parent homes); E. Paddock did not have positive words about his father; E. Paddock described himself and his brothers as “bad” and “troublesome” as youths

Brother Bruce’s interview: When Bruce saw news coverage of Stephen Paddock, he called his mother to confirm Stephen Paddock was the shooter; asked if Stephen was “sick like he [Bruce] was” (appeared to believe his brother may have had the same spinal condition that he, Bruce, had that confined Bruce to a wheelchair (no indication that was true); said Stephen was like the dad of the family and he took on all of the responsibility of raising his younger brothers; referred to Stephen as the “controlling brother”

Former coworker interview: In an interview with a former property manager for a building Stephen owned in Mesquite, Texas, L. Crawford said Stephen was concerned for his tenants’ finances and he cared about people; she worked for Stephen Paddock for six years (circa 2004 – 2012); they communicated via e-mail and text because “neither liked talking on the phone”; she described Paddock’s sense of humor as “goofball” and said he was “generous” to his tenants

Family/children: Only one of the four Paddock siblings appeared to go on to have a family of his own (the youngest Paddock son, E., had four kids); after Benjamin Paddock escaped prison in 1968, he did not appear to have any more children; Stephen was married twice, no kids; it appeared E. Paddock was the only sibling with whom Stephen Paddock maintained a relationship; Stephen Paddock also appeared to have a good relationship with his mother/spoke to her on the phone after Hurricane Irma hit Florida to inquire as to her welfare, and ensured she got a walker when she was having trouble getting around; regarding E. and Stephen Paddock’s relationship with their father: “I didn’t know him. We didn’t know him.” “He was never with my mom. I was born on the run and that’s the last time he was ever associated with our family.”

Ancestry: Stephen Paddock’s paternal grandfather, Benjamin “Ben” Hoskins Paddock, Sr, died in 1958 after a stroke; Benjamin Paddock, Sr. joined the Quartermaster Corps at age 60 to help in war effort; Benjamin Paddock Sr.’s obituary mentions his son, Benjamin Hoskins Paddock, Jr., visited from Tucson; Stephen Paddock’s paternal grandmother, Olga Emelia Elizabeth Gunderson Paddock, died in 1969 at the age of 81; Olga was part of prominent family in Sheboygan where Benjamin Paddock. was born; Olga’s father was prominent ship captain in Great Lakes around turn of the century); the published obituary regarding her death did not mention her son, Benjamin; Stephen Paddock’s brother, Bruce Douglas Paddock, b. 1959, died 3 November 2020, at the age of 61; Bruce Douglas Paddock was reportedly homeless (for at least a period of time) when Los Angeles police sought to arrest him for possessing more than 600 images of child pornography in a case from 2014; Stephen’s maternal grandparents were Ralph Rolland Hudson (b. 1893/d. 1969) and Elsie Marie Tausch (b. 1893/d. 1945)

Final disposition of estate: As of its settlement circa August 2019, Paddock’s estate appears to have been worth $1.4 million. This number includes real estate, bank accounts, and Mandalay Bay casino vouchers. He did not have a will; his estate was settled in probate court.

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